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Quote1.png You're wounded, Peter. It's a wound that stays with you. Changes you. You'll see the pain of this world more readily. You know it's there now. You won't be able to ignore it. You'll see that life is temporary. Fragile. That every death is as important to someone as Ben's was to you...That every life is worth protecting. And you'll feel weak where Ben's strength used to prop you up. But you'll honor him by standing on your own. Because you'll see that Ben taught you how to be strong, and you'll show the world that his strength still sustains you. Quote2.png
Aunt May

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Copperhead of the Serpent Society is fleeing from a bank with stolen money when Spider-Man comes to stop him. After quickly and quietly restraining him with webbing, one of the bankers as well as Copperhead notice that he was in a hurry.

Aunt May and Jay are parked in a cemetary in Queens waiting patiently for Peter, who is an hour late. May leaves the car and approaches Uncle Ben's grave, where she sees her nephew standing there. He tells her that Ben's death was his fault like he does every year, but she won't hear him out, thinking that the idea that he is to blame is stupid. A flashback shows Peter coming home shortly after Uncle Ben's murder. Aunt May asks him if he is okay, but he just stands there blaming himself.

Peter asks Aunt May about Jay, but May feels awkard disussing him in front of Uncle Ben's grave, though Peter doesn't see a problem with it since Uncle Ben would want her to be happy. In a flashback, Aunt May tries to get Peter out of bed and go to school but he is overwhelmed with a feeling that he asks will ever go away. However, she has no response for him.

In the present, Peter tells Aunt May that since Uncle Ben always thought education was the most important thing, he is starting a scholorship in his name called the Benjamin Parker Science Grant. Aunt May laughs at the idea because Ben was barely able to pass high school and she was the one who thought he should go to college. Even the microscope Uncle Ben bought him was her idea.

In another flashback, Aunt May is giving Uncle Ben's eulogy, in which she says that she wouldn't ask for one more moment with him like most people would because just one more moment wouldn't be enough and would be too painful. But when Peter goes to check on her afterwards, he finds her sobbing in her bedroom, telling him she would give anything for one more moment.

Back in the present, Aunt May thinks about how hard things must have been for him since she was a nuturer and Uncle Ben gave him strength, but Peter reminds her that he never would have gotten through it without her. Going back to the time Peter was lying in bed, Aunt May tells him to get up because now he must be an adult. He asks her if he is always going to feel awful, so she tells him that he'll see pain in the world that he won't be able to ignore, that life is precious, that every death is as important as Uncle Ben's was to him, that life is worth protecting, and that Uncle Ben taught him to be strong and that he will help people.

Returning to the present, Aunt May is ready for them to go to lunch, but before they go, Peter tells her that he does help people. As they leave, Peter turns back to Uncle Ben's grave and says again that Ben's death was his fault. Aunt May doesn't think that it matters, though. However, Peter wishes that Uncle Ben could have seen what he became, but Aunt May says Ben saw it long before he did. Then, the two of them leave together.

Solicit Synopsis

• Special 50TH Anniversary Story!

• Spider-Man teams up with the hero he admires most – May Parker!


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