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Quote1.png That page was drawn by a kid. A weak, sick kid who thought that was the only way he could help his country...make his mark. That was a future I was saved from. I don't draw adventures. I'm a soldier. I have them. Quote2.png
Captain America

Appearing in "...And It May Hurt A Lot!"

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Synopsis for "...And It May Hurt A Lot!"

The Avengers are reading “Liberty Bonds”, a newspaper Captain America used to write when he was younger. Some antique hunter found some issues in Cap’s old neighborhood. Although Cap dismisses Liberty Bonds as memories from art school, Spider-Man is interested.

Shortly afterwards, the Avengers track the Serpent Society down to a small lab, where chemicals for Copperhead’s snake gas are being delivered to.

The Avengers split up to attack the Society’s forces, with Spider-Man going with Cap. During the fight, Spider-Man and Cap defeat Copperhead. The Avengers also have defeated other Society members.

Later, at the mansion, Spider-Man has placed a picture of Cap’s drawings on a wall. Cap is not interested in the picture, saying that he drew Liberty Bonds when he was a sickly kid who thought that drawing was the only way he could help his country. Steve asks Peter if he still plays with his first chemistry set, and Peter answers “no.” Steve also asks him if he would rather go back to being a kid who was bullied by others, but Peter says that he never stopped being that kid. Peter promises to get rid of the drawing, but he also says that he still plays with his first chemistry set from time to time.

Peter goes to his room and takes his chemistry set, intending to throw it to the incinerator, but Steve stops him, saying that he needs his help on his drawings. As they work together, Steve remarks his drawing passion is coming back to him, but Peter says that perhaps it never left.

Solicit Synopsis

• Spider-Man Meets Captain America...And It May Hurt A Lot! • Special Guest Artist Leinil Yu Brings Together The World’s Two Favorite Super Heroes As The Most Action Packed New Book Of The Year Continues! • You’re Going To Need New Pants After This One.


This issue is dedicated to Joe Simon.


  • Takes place between Avengers Vol. 4 #18 and Avengers Vol. 4 #19.
  • Every one who normally wears a mask is not.
  • Hawkeye is wearing his old classic costume rather than his new costume with the explanation it was laundry day.

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