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Synopsis for "Wadjetmacallit?!"

Spider-Man and She-Hulk work together in the sewers to take down a creature that She-Hulk says has been terrorizing city workers. But shortly after Spider-Man webs it up, she leaves to go to an Egyptian exhibit sponsored by her law firm that's opening at the museum. As an Egyptian enthusiast, Spider-Man begs her to take him with her, but instead she gives him the brush off.

Jen, still in her She-Hulk persona, arrives at the musuem while Spider-Man, just outside the building, plans to go in alone. However, he notices a group of suspicious looking women in cloaks enter the building and decides to follow them.

Meanwhile, She-Hulk is looking at a cat statue with a necklace around its neck. The curator explains to her that the statue, a replica of the original, is of the Egyptian goddess Bastet and offers to let her try on a replica of the necklace.

As he puts it on her, she sees the cloaked women and follows them into a storage room. There, she runs into Spider-Man again and the two team up to stop the women, who are trying to steal the original cat statue. They make quick work of them and hand them over to security personnel.

When She-Hulk goes to check on the statue, its eyes begin to glow green and speaks to her. After handing the statue over to Spider-Man, She-Hulk goes to talk to the curator, but Spider-Man is shocked to see that she has suddenly grown a cat tail, which she tells him not to make any jokes about.

Wanting answers, She-Hulk goes to find the cloaked women, but instead finds that the museum has been overrun by cats. The glass ceiling shatters, so while She-Hulk escorts everyone outside, Spider-Man creates a net to keep the cats from falling on them. The crowd and the cats cause a traffic accident in which a bus flips over. Luckily, She-Hulk catches the bus, but Spider-Man realizes that she must take off the necklace to get rid of the cats and takes it off of her, not realizing that it was a replica.

Suddnely, all of the cats merge together to form Bastet, the cat goddess, who wants She-Hulk to serve her to protect the world. To get rid of her, Spider-Man puts on a cow mask and pretends to be Sobek, the servant of Neith: Goddess of War and Hunting. Bastet falls for this ruse and agrees to leave.

With everything back to normal, Spider-Man jokingly makes her think that she still has a cat tail, much to her anger.

Solicit Synopsis

• A night out with Spider-Man and She-Hulk!

• All the thwipping and quipping and none of the calories!

• Katherine and Stuart Immonen smash their way into the book so action packed it keeps flying off the shelves…


Ra is mentioned as Sobek's mother, despite being a male deity.

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