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Quote1.png Two minutes earlier, Silver Sable put her life on the line, with no weapons and no expectation it was going to work. It was one of the bravest things I'd ever seen. But now, it looked lime Sable was back to her old mercenary self. Until I saw something no one else votadas to see... A smile for the princesas and her new husband. It was a teeny one. Blink and it was gone... But I saw it. And that's when I knew who Silver Sable really was. Incredibly brave. One of the most dangerous fighters I've ever seen...but she only pretended to be all about the money...because sometimes she put it all on the line for love. It's why she did everything. Love of her country. Family. Friends. Love of a rare vintage of champagne. And most of all, a love of adventure--Of life. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Ends of the Earth, Epilogue"

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  • Quinjet
  • Zenith (Horizon's floating lab)

Synopsis for "Ends of the Earth, Epilogue"

After the battle with Doctor Octopus ended, the Avengers have been searching the ocean to confiscate Doc Ock’s technology and to save Silver Sable. Spider-Man has taken a double shift, but Black Widow takes over, saying that Captain America needs him on the surface. As Spider-Man returns to the Horizon ship, Cap says that they need Spider-Man to oversee Dock Ock’s transfer to the Raft, as he is the specialist on Doc Ock. Cap also feels sorry for Spider-Man after Sable’s sacrifice. Spider-Man remembers an old adventure he shared with her:

‘’After stopping a mugger, Spider-Man receives a message from Sable in the Jumbotron, saying that she has a job for him. Spider-Man goes to a limo, meeting up with Sable, Doctor Strange and Princess Lenka of Symkaria. Sable tells Spider-Man that he has to marry Lenka to save the world. Doctor Strange says that Lenka is supposed to marry Doctor Doom, but that cannot happen. Apparently, Lenka has a vast mystical potential and might become the mother of next Sorcerer Supreme, or attain the title herself. Unfortunately, Lenka’s father wants her to marry Doom in an attempt to improve diplomatic relations between Symkaria and Latveria. If Doom obtains Lenka’s spirit potential, it might have disastrous consequences for mankind. Lenka has agreed to marry Spider-Man, saying that she has a crush on him, but Spider-Man disagrees, saying that he has a girlfriend already.

In that moment, Doom attacks the group, but Doctor Strange teleports them away, creating a magic shield to hide them from Doom. Lenka no longer wants to marry Spider-Man. Also, Doctor Strange says that the love between groom and bride must be genuine. Lenka admits that she is in love with Marek, a boy from her time on Symkaria. Lenka sent him away to protect him from Doom. Spider-Man agrees to leave the shield and go for Marek while Sable prepares the wedding.

Reaching Marek’s apartment, Spider-Man tells him about Lenka, and Marek agrees to marry her. Spider-Man takes him to the Symkarian embassy. Sable has also asked her uncle to officiate the wedding. As the wedding starts, Doom attacks again. Doom easily defeats the heroes, but Sable stalls Doom long enough for Marek and Lenka to consummate their relationship. Seeing that the princess is useless to him, Doom retreats, but not before promising to return. Sable also agrees with Doctor Strange to pay for the damages to the embassy. In the end, Spider-Man is impressed by Sable’s courage.’’

The Avengers reach the Raft and transfer Doc Ock to his cell and Spider-Man shares a last moment with his old enemy. He tells Doc Ock that Horizon just cracked his tech, and soon, he will be dead without having left a legacy.

As the Avengers leave the Raft, Spider-Man still feels bad for having left Sable behind.

Meanwhile, Black Widow is still searching the ocean for Doc Ock’s tech, and without her noticing, a lone Octobot goes back online.

Solicit Synopsis

• Ends of the Earth Epilogue!

• Guest starring: Doctor Strange. Silver Sable. Doctor Doom. And an untold adventure that changed them all.


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