In 2099, Avian oversaw the Million Palms Family Fun Center in Havana, Florida. He was apparently both the owner and spokesman for the park, ruling over it as the Lord Falconer along with his bride, Peregrine. Peregrine died under mysterious circumstances, however, as her body washed up in the park.[1]

Avian became darker after that, and fell under the control of Anthony Herod, secret ruler of America after President Doom's violent departure. Herod uncovered evidence of a "mutant messiah" that would rise up in the current generation, and forced Avian to convert Million Palms into a secret mutant research facility, with elaborate testing labs buried under the frolicking tourists up above. Mutants across the country were brought to Million Palms for analysis.[2]

At one point, Avian apparently forced the young mutant shape-changer named Willow to replace Peregrine by his side. The full scope of their relationship was never disclosed, but Willow eventually fled from Avian when her friend December was scheduled for invasive testing.[1]

Avian (Earth-928) 2099 World of Tomorrow Vol 1 2

Infected by Phalanx techno-virus

Willow and December fled to Halo City on the new West Coast, and Herod informed Avian of their location. A strike team from Million Palms attacked the Xavier Shelter to draw out Willow. December and Willow's team X-Nation ended up in Million Palms, but they escaped when Willow posed as Avian to bluff them to safety.[3] Avian and Herod were later infected with the Phalanx techno-organic virus, and became test subjects themselves in the Fatherland under All-Father Doom.[4]

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