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Born with mutant abilities, the man known as Axe became a mercenary. He was hired by the Hellfire Club to distract the New Mutants from the kidnapping of Nina Da Costa.[1]

Apparently fired, he found work in the Underground Mutant Theatre, a secretive fight arena based in Los Angeles, as a member of their headline group, the Gladiators. However, he was once again defeated by the New Mutants.[2]

He somehow ended up in a prison for supercriminals where he was a member of a prison gang called the Brothers, and the personal bodyguard of a disgraced rap star named Mo' Money.[3]

Axe stayed with Mo' Money when they were transferred to the Raft. During the Fear, Mo' Money's gang joined Crossbones on an escape attempt, but Crossbones double-crossed them and killed them all.[4]



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