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Quote1.png I was wondering, Shadow Priest ... when we'd finally kill the right child. Quote2.png
General Axeman Bone


Axeman Bone was born an Imperial Prime, and subsequently thrown in a dungeon by Sakaarans for over ten years to prevent his death at the hands of Angmo I. Later when a villager revealed Axeman Bone's existence, the king demanded Axeman Bone's death, sending Imperial Dreadnaughts to achieve this with their death fire bombs. But when they arrived they accidentally freed Axeman Bone. All he knew now were chains, darkness, and vengeance. Axeman Bone later came to know of reason, rhetoric, ethics, philosophy, and art, but the sweet pleasure of payback was still not condemned. Ten years later when the Shadow warrior Yenrag was leading Angmo I to Vandro, the two were attacked by a Horrowbeast. Suddenly, Axeman Bone appeared and quickly slayed the Horrowbeast with the large axe he uses today. After Axeman Bone attacked Angmo I, Yenrag witnessed Angmo I tear out the burning heart of a Makhaw Magkong, break the battle shields of thirteen Native Kings, slaughter three hundred Wildebots, and be slain at the hands of Axeman Bone.[1]

After the explosion that destroyed Crown City, Axeman Bone returned from Fillia and assumed a dictatorial role. He knew that the child of Caeira the Oldstrong had survived and decided to cement his power by destroying every child that could possibly be her offspring.[2]

Bone eventually fought Skaar, the Son of Hulk. As he was losing the battle, he summoned his lava dragon to attack Skaar, appearing to kill the green man, but Skaar was unfazed. Skaar eventually defeated him and Axeman Bone was forced to retreat and recuperate from his wounds while also fighting off a coup attempt.[3] With the help of the freed slave, Hiro-Kala, he tracked Skaar and his refugees to the city of Okini, the home of the Red King who was still alive as a cyborg and aiding Skaar.[4]



None known.



Battle Axe, Armor.


An axe often used in combat.


Stone Ship. Travel.


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