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In the wake of the World War Hate, numerous Avengers were affected by the inversion spell meant to defeat the Red Onslaught, and had their moral compass inverted, turning them evil.[4]

After the disappearance of the Red Skull from custody in the Avengers Tower, these inverted Avengers captured every suspect possible, which meant every hero who had been or was an Avenger.[5]

Even though they later parted ways, the Axis of Evil Avengers were reassembled by Iron Man once the inverted X-Men posed a threat for humankind.[6]

After a group of inverted villains gathered by Steve Rogers, the Astonishing Avengers failed to stop the X-Men in a battle for New York, the Axis of Evil confronted the mutants.[7]

After discovering Steve Rogers freed the Red Skull in order to attempt a reinversion, the Axis pursued Rogers and his allies. However, they failed as soon as Doctor Doom, Magneto, and Doctor Voodoo arrived to help cast a reinversion spell, which successfully reverted almost everybody back to normal.

In the wake of this crisis, the heroes captured by the Axis were also freed.[8]

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