An American enamored with the ideals of white supremacy, the villain known only as Axis embraced a culture proposed by Adolf Hitler.

It is unclear at which point he gained his superhuman powers, and whether it was a precursor or result of his beliefs. Presumably, he would occasionally pursue mercenary endeavors, and Axis was among those villains accepting a mercenary job to sabotage the 1963 moon landing. The plot was masterminded by the alien Skrulls, who hoped to subjugate Earth at some point, and brought Axis and the other mercenaries to the moon via their own spaceship, where the group was confronted by the hero team known as the First Line. The proximity to the moon heightened the animalistic tendencies of Axis' teammate, the Howler, to the point where he lost all control. The Howler began a rampage against friend and foe alike, and he killed Axis indiscriminately.

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