Not much has been revealed about Herr Nacht's background. His father was involved in a Nazi project over 40 years ago to preserve the costumed Nazi criminals Master Man (Wilhelm Lohmer) and Warrior Woman. Over those years, the project was technically managed by Doctor Kraus, a German scientist whose life had been saved by Herr Nacht's father. From photographs given to him by his father, Herr Nacht fell in love with Warrior Woman.

Determined to have Warrior Woman as his bride, Herr Nacht ordered Doctor Kraus to duplicate the formula that created the first Master Man. The process was successful.

With the reunification of Germany, Herr Nacht decided it was time to revive Master Man and Warrior Woman. He was determined to use their powers to form a New Reich, with himself as the leader. Somehow he knew that Master Man would revert to his normal form as Willie Lohmer, which eliminated him as a rival for Warrior Woman's affections. Donning a costume and calling himself as the new Master Man, Herr Nacht convinced Warrior Woman to ally with him.

During a battle, at the laboratory where Warrior Woman was revived, the heroes Namor and the Human Torch were being held captive. A disturbed and rejected Wilhelm Lohmer blew up himself, Warrior Woman and Nacht.[1]

Nacht and Warrior Woman have both been seen since as members of Axis Mundi with Nacht having taken on the identity of Gotteskrieger.[2]


Herr Nacht was injected with a recreated version of the formula which changed Willie Lohmer into the Golden Age villain Master Man. Herr Nacht's physical abilities were greatly increased.

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