Not much has been revealed about Kuroko's past and origin, although it appears she owes a lot to Doctor Demonicus. Kuroko serves Demonicus willingly and sees him as a great man. Her first revealed activities occurred as Demonicus put his plans together for the Isle of Dominica, and she served him gathering resources and helping his other henchmen, even coming into conflict with the Avengers.[1]

Kuroko appeared to die when Demonica sank but other survivors have been seen.[2]


Invisibility: Kuroko is able to make her body invisible to normal sight, taking her name from the convention of Japanese theatre, where a "kuroko" dresses in black and can rearrange scenery while the play is in motion, remaining "invisible" to the actors and audiences by mutual consent.


It is likely that she was skilled with a bo-staff since she used one.


She fights with a staff.

Kuroko means Black Figure.

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