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As a child Ayisha watched her father's hands be crushed by General Milos Radanovich. He made Ayisha and her father watch as soldiers raped and tortured her mother to death. Since then Ayisha grew up cold and filled with hatred in the war.[1]

Iron Man joined the Muslim/Christian coalition where he met Ayisha and they fell briefly in love. When Radanovich's forces attacked the stronghold Aiysha fought back in the battlearmor to bring down the Warworld. The resistance won the war however she was presumed dead.[1]

Ayisha was revealed to have survived due to the battlearmor. She confronted Tony Stark, telling him the suit won't let her kill herself and she couldn't remove it, so she wanted him to put an end to her. Stark refused and Ayisha then began to force him to kill her by attacking Pepper Potts. She told him to fight her in 10 days at the top of the world.[2]

Iron Man arrives and fought Ayisha. The fight was interrupted by Temugin and Ayisha was captured. While Iron Man and Temugin dueled, Ayisha blew up the ship and escaped.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Skilled marksman

Physical Strength

The average strength of a female soldier


The suit's survival program will try to keep the user alive, which can drive the user mad or bond with the armor like Ayisha.




  • Enhanced Abilities: The suit enhances a soldiers combat capabilities.
  • Body Armour: The armor offers some protection from physical damage.
  • Life Support: It was a armored suit designed by Tony Stark to survive at all costs. It numbs pain and juices the system to keep the wearer going.


Mechanical hands, Emits energy beams


She used to sing for her father.

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