Azazel is a Russian mutant with teleportation powers and a prehensile tail. In 1962 he was a member of the Hellfire Club, serving as one of Sebastian Shaw's enforcers alongside Riptide, helping to instigate the Cuban Missile Crisis. Following Shaw's death at the hands of Magneto, he (along with the rest of the Hellfire Club mutants) chose to join him as a founding member of the Brotherhood of Mutants.[1]

In July 1963, Azazel was killed by members of Project: Wideawake along with fellow Brotherhood member Tempest. Government records show that Azazel and Tempest ambushed the Wideawake operatives, and were killed in the ensuing shootout.[2] His autopsy report was secured at Trask Industries.[3]

Powers and Abilities


  • Teleportation: Azazel's main power is teleporting. He uses this ability to go from one place to another. He also use this ability to transport others from one place to another.


  • Master hand-to-hand combat: Azazel is a master hand-to-hand combatant.



Two uniquely designed knives.


  • Jason Flemyng portrays Azazel in X-Men: First Class.
  • Azazel seems considerably weaker than his comic book counterpart. His abilities are almost identical to the abilities of Nightcrawler. In the comics, Azazel was revealed to be the father of Nightcrawler, but any relation between the two in the film series, if any, is left unclear.

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