Long ago, Azaziah stole a magic orb from three demons. This orb enhanced his magic and extended his life. Eventually, the orb's glow began to fade and Azaziah knew he would die when it faded completely. So he sought to bond himself to an immortal creature: the Ghost Rider. Azaziah lured the Ghost Rider's host, Johnny Blaze to a pentagram that separated him from the Ghost Rider spirit.

Before Azaziah could bond himself to the Ghost Rider spirit, Johnny arrived and smashed the orb that sustained him. Without the orb, Azaziah crumbled to dust. Johnny was able to rebond with the Ghost Rider spirit using a spell from Azaziah's Book of Souls.[1]


Azaziah was a powerful magician, though his power waned in his later years. He could fire magic blasts and perform exorcisms.


Azaziah was knowledgeable in various spells, including ones that could separate the Ghost Rider spirit from its host.


Azaziah's life was depended on his magic orb. If destroyed, he would die.


Azaziah wielded a magic orb that boosted his magic power, gave him unnaturally long life, and acted as a way to view events from far away. He also had a magic book called the Book of Souls.

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