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Azimuth is a mutant whose early life remains largely unknown, though at some point she attended a barbecue at Scrambler's residence, which was crashed by Gambit and Deadpool.[2]

Azimuth was next seen years later in the sewers of New York City with her other teammates, the Marauders, when they were tasked with hunting down Nightcrawler for their boss.

Azimuth came into contact with the X-Man after he teleported Aries and himself right in front of her team, which caused a battle to ensue.

Azimuth vs Nightcrawler

Nightcrawler had the advantage until Azimuth used her abilities by enlarging her mouth to blast out a black mist which rendered Kurt unconscious.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Oral Singularity: Azimuth's mutant ability is the generation of a black hole originating from her own unhinged mouth. The pull of this black hole is potent enough to disrupt Nightcrawler's teleportation and knock him out.

  • Attraction Field: Her power has a strong vacuum pull which can draw in or hurl around full grown adults.
  • Shadowy Projection: Azimuth's power generates eerie shifting shadows branching out from her wormhole possibly indicating some kind of connection to the Darkforce Dimension.


Moderate Combat Expert

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