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Early Life

King Azzuri, the Black Panther, was the chieftain of Wakanda during World War II.

World War II

Azzuri (Earth-616) from Black Panther Vol 4 1

In 1941, Captain America traveled to Wakanda and encountered the Black Panther, the then-king Azzuri and his son, T'Chaka. They worked together with Nick Fury and his Howling Commandos in protecting Wakanda against Baron Strucker and the Red Skull who had been dispatched to Africa to acquire a steady source of the rare metal Vibranium for the Nazi war effort.[1]

The Panther, alongside his American allies, repelled a Nazi super-powered invasion force which included Master Man, Warrior Woman, the Armless Tiger Man and the White Gorilla. Azzuri was so indebted to Gabriel Jones who saved the lives of his children during the attack that he offered him citizenship in Wakanda, but Jones politely declined.[2]


Seemingly those of T'Challa (Earth-616)#Powers


A pair of scythe-like weapons and a shield.

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