B'Ntro was one of the handful of Wakandans abducted by the Atlantean scientist U-Man and General Zoruun of the Nigandan Army during a period of roughly a decade to perform studies on them. Due to the strange nature of their disappearance, then-King S'Yan decided to keep the incidents a secret from the public to avoid panic.

When T'Challa succeeded S'Yan, he learned of these incidents and acted on them. He eventually located the base of the kidnappers in Niganda and shut down their operations with the help of the Atlantean king Namor. B'Ntro and the other abductees were then brought back to Wakanda.[1]

Not long afterwards, Erik Killmonger tracked down several of the former abductees, and brutally murdered them since he believed their lives were sullied because they allowed themselves to be taken alive from Wakanda. B'Ntro was one of his victims. Killmonger additionally used a device of his own invention to obtain their memories and gain any knowledge they possessed that could be of use for him.[2]

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