B'nee and C'cll of Earth-295 are members of the Imperial Guard, the defenders of the Shi'ar Empire and their leader Emperor D'Ken. When Gambit and his X-Ternals arrived in the Shi'ar Empire seeking a shard of the M'Kraan Crystal in order to restore reality, they clashed with the Imperial Guard, with Warstar among their number. The Guard was crystallized by the M'Kraan Crystal, which was expanding out of control due to Emperor D'Ken's tampering[1]. Ultimately, the crystal's destabilization was halted and reality stabilized (by diverging Earth-616 with Earth-295)[2], presumably freeing Warstar and the others from their entrapment, however Warstar's ultimate fate remains unrevealed.


Seemingly B'nee and C'cll (Earth-616)#Powers

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