B'nugdja was the shark god of the Akua (the Oceanic gods), and one of the many shark gods sired by Kāne and Haumea.[1]

The Akua were worshiped by the Polynesian people of central and southern Pacific Ocean as early as 1600 BC.[1]

In ancient times, B'nugdja lived off the coast of Woodah Island (modern-day Northern Territory, Australia), where he hunted dolphins in the Gulf of Carpentaria.[1]

In modern days, he was impersonated by Bane agent Brent McCinley who assumed a shark-like form and attacked swimmers in order to turn public opinion against sharks, facilitating shark-poaching operations. McCinley was eventually killed by a school of sharks. It is unknown if the real B'ngudja was involved in McCinley's demise.[1]


Presumably the certain superhuman physical attributes of conventional Akua, including immortality, immunity to disease, superhuman strength, regeneration etc.[1]

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