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In his early youth, the man later known as "Baal-Pteor" was chosen by the priests of Yajur and trained throughout his childhood to become a stranger of Yota-Pong, by murdering infants in his own childhood, young girls in his boyhood, and finally a strong man at his manhood.

Under unrevealed circumstances, he entered the service of Totrasmek, who rechristened him Baal-Pteor (which he liked and felt fitting°.

By the time his path encountered Conan, he allegedly had killed hundreds of people with his bare hands.

While breaking in Totrasmek's house to retrive Zabibi, Conan was confronted to Baal-Pteor. First bested by his tricks, Conan fought Baal-Pteor at bare hands, and his youth as a Cimmerian Bulls neck-breaker prevailed over Baal-Pteor's strangler of Yajur experience.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Baal-Pteor was able to mesmerize people into seeing vivid illusions of his making.[1]


Baal-Pteor was a skilled unharmed lethal combat.[1]

Physical Strength

Baal-Pteor possessed an immense strength,[1] and Conan even thought to himself that the Demon of the Caves was the first time since Baal-Pteor that he hadn't felt such a grip upon him.[2]



  • Baal-Pteor considered that his name (seemingly made of the combination of the names of the gods Baal and Pteor) was a good one, fitting him well.[1]

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