Built over the temple of a forgotten race when Atlantis still defied the sea-gods, the castle of Bab-El-Shaithan was occupied by bandits and outcasts under the rule of the outlaw Skol Abdhur. Escaping from Prince Yezdigerd's men, Conan, Turghol and Suwaan entered the fortress. Betrayed by Suwaan, Conan made his escape outside the fortress the next day with the mute Turghol, who eventually managed to snatch the Blood of Bel-Hissar ruby for himself. Without any guidance, the bandits turned against each other to gain control of the lost ruby.[1]

Many years later, Conan returned to Bab-El-Shaitan, which became a sprawling desert city almost overnight, escorting Prince Allman, legitimate heir to the Irani throne, and his sister Sartessa. Despite the Cimmerian's efforts to protect them, both children were assassinated by agents of the Kobremi Brotherhood, but Conan avenged their death by killing the conspirators.[2]


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