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Baby Thompson (who was never named) was born the son of Narya, a demigod, and Doug Thompson, a mortal man. However, upon the baby's birth, it was possessed by the entity known as Pestilence. Pestilence used the baby's body to control spirits of death and attacked Alpha Flight, ultimately escaping. Narya went into a deep state of depression while Doug vowed to capture Pestilence.

Doug finally caught up with Pestilence in Burial Butte, where he died from a plague that Pestilence had created. Shaman and Snowbird had confronted Pestilence and Shaman was about to order Narya to slay her son. When Alpha Flight arrived, Vindicator realized that Pestilence wanted to be slain. The purity and innocence of the baby's soul was corrupting him. Shaman ordered Snowbird to attack and, a mere second later, Vindicator fired. Sadly, this resulted in the death of both Narya and her son. However, the entire family's souls were accepted into Paradise, the home of Narya's godly parents.



Being the child of a demigod and a human, Narya's son had at least the ability to alter forms. Pestilence used his body to control spirits of death, though this isn't clear if it is Pestilence's doing or not.

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