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Babysitters Club
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Joined together to protect the young child of the All-Mother Freya.


The Babysitters Club was a group of heroes gathered by Balder the Brave in order to keep his baby sister, Laussa, from being taken by Malekith's Dark Council. Using Wonder Man's Wonder Wagon for transportation and to hide in plain sight, they were being hunted by Sindr, Queen of Cinders and her accomplice Ares, the God of War. Ares had tracked them down in his all-terrain vehicle but Wonder-Man broke the bridge in half allowing the group to escape.[1]

Being cramped in such tight quarters, the group decided to pull off into a rest stop called the Bide-a-Wee RV Campground so they could rest. As they ran out of the camper, the Club was introduced to some of the more permanent residence of the campground. They were invited to a sing along around the campfire. During the performance a fickler of the fire burned the guitar that Sol was playing, which revealed that the whole campground was a hiding place for a bunch of Skrulls who stayed behind after the Secret Invasion occurred. The Skrulls ended up battling the Club in order to keep their secret safe, but calmed down very quickly when they were introduced to Laussa after Death Locket took her out of the camper.[2]

After hitting the road the next morning, the Club came upon a roadside attraction in the form of an old western town called Six Gun Territory. Deciding that they wanted to meet some ghost cowboys, the group exited the RV and wandered around the town. They were confronted by the Phantom Rider and other apparitions who fought against the Club until Druid's ability to talk to the ghosts revealed that they wanted the demon that was holed up in their town. Not knowing what they were talking about, Thori brought up that the demon was Laussa herself who was as much a sister to Sindr as she was to Balder.[3]


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