Quote1.png You want me to help you fight an army?! Do I look stupid? Never mind, don't answer that. Ah... what the heck. Count me in. Quote2.png
-- Spider-Man (Ben Reilly)

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Synopsis for 1st story

As Spidey web-swings through Manhattan, Pike is busy looking for Backlash and Taboo for shutting down several corporate supporters of the Cabal. As Pike leaves he finds several of his men dead, killed by Venom. Venom is looking for spawns of Carnage, so the two make a deal to help each other. Venom kidnaps Taboo, and Spidey jumps into action. With the help of Pike Venom escapes with Taboo, leaving a small scrap of his symbiote behind. Backlash finds Spidey, and after a brief altercation they agree to work together.


Published by Image Comics.

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