They were notable for having a gender schism, resulting in two separate societies: the Brotherhood of Badoon (ruled by a Brother Royal) and the Sisterhood of Badoon (ruled by a Queen).[2]

The Brotherhood lived on the planet Moord,[3], while the Sisterhood resided on the Badoon homeworld of Lotiara[2] (Capella System),[4] also known as 'Swampworld'), 42.2 light years from Earth. The planet Sqazzl was in Badoon space.[5]


The Badoon were older than the Kree and the Skrulls. There was a natural hatred between the two genders, and they fought each other in long gender wars. Eventually, the males won, placing the females in captivity. In time, the males developed technology and abandoned Lotiara, returning only when their mating drive made it necessary. The males became conquerors of worlds, while the females became pacifists, content to remain in peace on their homeworld and ignorant of the males' star-spanning empire.[2]

Among the Brotherhood's attempted conquests were the Zen-Whoberis and the extra-dimensional world of Polemachus.[6] They were known to form alliances with the Brood[7] and the Kree.[8] At the time of the Annihilation Wave, the Badoon controlled 37.7% of the Milky Way galaxy.[9]

Badoon Society

At least some Badoon show respect "any male that can tolerate his female, much less defend her".[10]


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The Badoon are highly superstitious, and fear both demons and possession.[11][12]

Some Badoon (including the Centaurian "Badoon Half-Breeds") seemingly believe in so-called Swamp Gods, sometimes evocating them.[13][11][12][14]

Among the known Badoon Gods was Voord Bloodeye, God of Beheading, who was killed 500 years ago by Gorr the God Butcher[15] (it is unknown if he was of the Swamp Gods).


The Brotherhood's currency is the Kreull.[16]


The Badoon were a reptilian species.[17]

They possess inner eyelids.[1]


The Badoon were able to breed with the female Centaurians.[18]

Alternate realities


Earth fought a war with the Badoon Empire of the Brotherhood of Badoon in the 2990s until both Earth and its colonies were conquered in the year 3007. They were liberated by the Guardians of the Galaxy and the intervention of the Sisterhood of Badoon in 3014.[19]


The Badoon were seen on the Mojo Ensign-Class Warp-Ship's Arena 6C as audience members of "Mojo-Pocalypse."[20]


The Badoon appeared in many other realities.


Habitat: 84% surface covered with water, most of the land is semi-tropical
Gravity: 87% of Earth's
Atmosphere: 134% Earth density, tropical humidity
Population: 40 million on each world


Type of Government: Monarchy
Level of Technology: The Brotherhood were capable of faster-than-light space travel and also possessed personal cloaking technology. They employed a hand-held particle gun called the 'basic weapon'. There was also a large, muscular cyborg-like being sometimes used in personal combat called the Monster of Badoon.[17] Although males typically wore minimal clothing, some soldiers wore an explosive 'frag-thong'[8] that destroyed approximately ten surrounding enemies once a Badoon was shot down.
According to Reed Richards, the Badoon were a "Type II civilization",[21] presumably according to the Kardashev scale.
Cultural Traits: The males were militaristic, but the females were pacifists
Representatives: Brother Royal, Czar-Doon, Drang, Droom, L'Matto, Manat, Mud-Ah, Tolaria

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