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Quote1.png I have a magical bag that can store infinite items. How exactly do I use that? Quote2.png

The Bag of Infinite Capacity is a unique magical item that allows the user to store an infinite amount of any object despite its size or dimensions.


According to Bailey, she has "always had" her Bag of Infinite Capacity and its true origins remain unclear.[3]

Bailey using her bag

While working at The One-Stop Crop Top Shop (a retail clothing store) inside the Brooklyn Mall, Patsy Walker caught Bailey using her magical bag to shoplift. After a brief scuffle through the mall, Bailey escape by using her bag to teleport away.[4]

For working Casiolena, Bailey used her bag to teleport to Hellcat's location and attack her. Bailey was soon overpowered by Hellcat. Taking Bailey captive, Hellcat recruited Valkyrie to comfort Casiolena.[1] When Bailey was betrayed by Casiolena, Patsy gave her the opportunity to remede herself.[5] Using her bag, Bailey began working as a mover.[6]

Bailey teleporting into her bag

Wanting to use her powers for less mundane work, Bailey took on the codename Attaché and began working with Hellcat. Unfortunately, she was almost immediately captured by Black Cat and her Gang.[7] With Attaché as her captive, Black Cat used her bag to store her stolen loot.[3] After Black Cat mind-controlled her, Attaché trapped Hellcat, Jubilee, and Telekinian in her bag. Unfortunately, the trio was able to escape by climbing up the other numerous items in the bag.[8] With Attaché still under Black Cat's influence, she used her bag to help the Gang steal the contents of an entire bank vault.[9]

Due to being trapped and injured inside the bag for an entire day, Patsy Walker was infected with a reality-warping cold.[10]


* Pocket Dimension: The Bag of Infinite Capacity contains a magical pocket dimension that allows the user to store any object or being despite its size.[7][8] Once an item is stored, it can be summoned by merely thinking of the object and opening the bag.[3]


Bailey teleporting into her bag

  • The bag does appear to have a preference for or special connection to Attaché:
    • Attaché can use the bag without difficulty.[4][3]
    • Black Cat can store thing in the bag, but could not easily summon any of them.[3]


  • Casiolena appears familiar with the Bag of Infinite Capacity capacity meaning that it may be of Asgardian origin.[1]

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