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Bagalia is a sovereign island nation[1] in a undisclosed location that is ruled by criminals and populated by the Masters of Evil.[2]

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Max Fury and the Shadow Council set up a headquarters in this country. Bagalia's Capital City in underground at the bottom of a chasm and under complete video surveillance.[2] One of it's most prominent locations is The Hole, a bar and nightclub owned and operated by Arcade, where the supervillain population can hangout and unwind.[3] The Shadow Council also established the latest incarnation of the Masters of Evil here.[2]

Since the death of Max Fury,[4] Baron Zemo has taken over the dictatorship of Bagalia and the leadership of the Masters of Evil.[1]

After the escaping from Arcade's Arena Murderworld, Cullen Bloodstone and the other survivors had traced Arcade to Bagalia in order to get their revenge on him.[1]

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Bagalia City, the underground capital of Bagalia.

While having been mind-controlled by Red Skull using Kobik, Captain America is sent to Bagalia with orders to confront Baron Zemo and to dispose of Erik Selvig.[5]

After joining up with Baron Zemo's branch of Hydra, Taskmaster moved his base of operations to Bagalia where he became the sheriff of Bagalia City.[6]

Umbral Dynamics later sets up their headquarters in Bagalia.[7]

Baron Zemo and Dario Agger planned to have Bagalia recognized by the intergovernmental body and used Mandarin in his alias of Tem Borijen as their ambassador. During a General Assembly session in New York, the Mandarin was killed by the Punisher using a special weapon he had stolen from Hydra that could bypass the shields created by the Mandarin's rings.[8]

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