Bahng was a Fillian from Sakaar, and leader of the Doka'abi Clan. Once other tribes were united under the Warlord's rule, the Doka'abi Clan was chased into the desert.

When the Warlord's forces demanded the Doka'abi Clan to run the Gauntlet, a challenge for survival, Bahng's clan attempted to contact the Hulk for help so he could represent his clan as their champion. Their call for help was heeded by Amadeus Cho, the successor of the late Bruce Banner.[1]

During the Gauntlet's second trial, the Hulk fought a robot that was using Doka'abi ally Elder Sharn and her two sons as a human shield. Bahng decided to jump into the arena floor to confront the Warlord, since he feared the Hulk was going to forfeit to spare Sharn and her sons, an act that would result in the Doka'abi Clan losing the Gauntlet, and he wanted die to fighting if the time for his people was to come. A guard warned Bahn that he had to return behind the arena's gate since only one champion was allowed at a time, but Bahng didn't heed his warning since the Hulk subsequently defeated the robot. While he was celebrating the Hulk's victory, Bahng was shot down by the guards.

Bahng's moribund body was taken by the Hulk to the Doka'abi Clan's encampment, where he died after giving his people words of encouragement and naming Chak the new headman. Bahng's body was subsequently cremated in a funeral ceremony.[2]

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