According to Bailey, she has "always had" her Bag of Infinite Capacity and its true origins remain unclear.[2]

Hellcat initially encountered Bailey shoplifting at the mall; however, Bailey avoided capture by teleporting via her Bag of Infinite Capacity.[4]

At some point, Baily was recruited by Casiolena to aid in her conquest of Midgard. Casiolena promised to give Bailey magic and wipe out her student loans, in exchange, Bailey would recruit other newly powered individuals, such as Nuhumans and mutants, to Casiolena's cause.[1] Casiolena quickly turned on Bailey when she was captured and led Hellcat and Valkyrie to her lair.[1] Remorseful and penitent, Bailey left her life of crime and joined the Patsy Walker Temp Agency using her Bag of Infinite Capacity to aid in moving large furniture.[5][6]

After a combat training session with Hellcat and Jubilee, Attaché was abducted by Black Cat and forced to join a criminal gang. She was later rescued and freed from Black Cat's thrall by Hellcat, Jubilee, and Telekinian.[7]


Attaché is a human in possession of a magical item known as the Bag of Infinite Capacity. She is familiar enough with the use of the object that she can easily store or summon anything from the bag,[2] as well as enter her bag and be instantly teleported elsewhere.[4][1]


Bailey (Earth-616) and Bag of Infinite Capacity from Patsy Walker, A.K.A. Hellcat! Vol 1 2 001

Bailey with her Bag of Infinite Capacity



  • Bailey refers to having student loans implying that she has attended at least some college.[1]

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