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Bain Tower was a massive and impregnable building constructed in record time following Baintronics acquisition of Stark Unlimited using the resources of both companies.[2]

After creating a submission code to infect all rebellious artificial life forms in light of the A.I. Army's robot revolution, Arno Stark planned to upload the code into the Internet from Baintronics' primary servers in Bain Tower through Stark Unlimited's satellite network. When they learned of this development, the A.I. Army, led by Tony Stark, assaulted Bain Tower in an attempt to tweak the submission code before it was sent out to make it harmless. Arno had prepared for the A.I. Army's attack and cornered them.[2] As Tony confronted Arno, Machinesmith managed to rally countless robots and artificial life forms in a march towards Bain Tower. Tony managed to disable the satellite dish that was going to broadcast the code,[1] but the rally was dispersed by Baintronics' Iron Legion.[3]


  • This location should not be confused with the Baintronics Headquarters, whose front read "Bain Tower" in a panel of Tony Stark: Iron Man #8. Bain Tower was mentioned to have been built after Baintronics Headquarters first appeared.
  • Bain Tower first appeared in Tony Stark: Iron Man #19, though only the inside of Arno Stark's living quarters is shown and identified. The interior of Arno's quarters also make an appearance in Iron Man 2020 (Vol. 2) #1. The exterior of Bain Tower appears for the first time in issue #2, and in issue #3 it is established that Arno's quarters are located in it.

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