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This facility was the headquarters of Baintronics, the company owned by Sunset Bain.[2] After Arno Stark started colluding with Bain, he moved his base of operations to the Baintronics Headquarters and was provided with his own laboratory.[3]

In an attempt to become closer to humanity, Jocasta sought Arno's help to replace his body with synthetic organs.[4] During the procedure, the Baintronics Headquarters was assaulted by Ultron Pym in order to abduct Jocasta. In the wake of the attack, the building was visited by Iron Man, who were trying to save Jocasta from Ultron without knowing she was already in his grasp.[2]


  • In Tony Stark: Iron Man #8, the front of the building reads "Bain Tower." However, it's never referred to as such in dialogue or captions. Another building which is explicitly referred to as Bain Tower was built some time after this location debuted.

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