Baker Company was a unit within the United States Army that was active during both World War II and the Korean War. The unit was under the command of Captain Thorn during World War II, when he was promoted to Major and served in the Korean War he reformed the unit there as well. Baker Company's most famous members were Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak who both had stints working with Baker Company during both conflicts[1].

Their first recorded tour of duty was in Italy during World War II where they liberated an Italian village from Nazi forces[1]. In March of 1945, Baker Company was sent to the South Pacific where they liberated Kuna Atoll from Imperial Japanese forces[2]. They returned to Europe later that month where they helped with the final Allied push through Nazi Germany until the death of Adolf Hitler[3]. They then returned to the South Pacific where they worked to liberate Kuma Atoll[4], Hagura Atoll[5], Tsuki Atoll[6], and yet another unnamed atoll[7]. Their last recorded action in World War II occurred when they liberated Kabu Atoll. Following this mission, Combat Kelly and the rest of Baker Company petitioned military brass to promote Captain Thorn to the rank of Major[8].

Baker Company was reformed by Major Thorn during the Korean War with Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak on the team once again. The troop at times included such eclectic members as "Punchey" a former prize fighter[5], American Frontier enthusiast and Brooklyn native "Cowboy" Collins[6], former circus acrobats the Bacardi brothers[7], and Chauncy Chadwick a former professional wrestler who operated under the stage moniker "Manuel the Magnificent"[8].

Baker Company's operations during the war included using fuel from a gasoline dump to burn down an enemy supply bridge[1]. They later destroyed a communist supply train shortly thereafter[2]. Baker Company later defend the towns of Husan[3] and Karyoju as well as securing a secret enemy aircraft factory along the Han River[5]. Baker Company later recovered secret plans for a massive communist offensive after rescuing a Korean family, this information assisted an adequate United Nations response[6]. Soon after with Baker Company routed communist forces at Hill 313, then helped clear out communist forces from an ancient temple without destroying it[7]. The unit was also instrumental in foiling the test of a new communist tank when Combat Kelly and Cookie Novak dumped a bee hive into the barrel[8].

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