The Balatraans are an extra dimensional race that have settled a number of worlds in an other-dimensional space resembling that of the Earth's dimension. In order to survive the heat on one of these planets, they built cities deep beneath the surface in order to survive and protect themselves from the planet's relentless heat and the meteors that constantly bombarded it. One of their own, Ceranda, however, turned out to be one of the last of a line of practitioners in the black arts and she was cast out of one of those cities to the surface to live out the rest of her life as an exile.

Following his exit from the pocket realm of Franklin Richards, Doctor Doom found his way to one of their underground cities and used their technology to restore power to his armor. He then used his restored armor to conquer them and led them against Thor in an attempt to wrest Mjolnir from the thunder-god. Doom had threatened the destruction of the Balatraans if he did not concede, but Thor saved the city from Doom's explosive device as Doom used the energies absorbed from Mjolnir to escape that dimension upon Ceranda's death.[1]


Habitat: Underground
Gravity: Earth-normal
Atmosphere: Dry and arid


Type of Government: The Balatraans are governed by a Ruling Council consisting of five members.
Level of Technology: Highly advanced
Cultural Traits: The Balatraans have an almost phobic-like rejection of anything magic-based or dealing with sorcery.

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