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Bald Mountain is clouded with mysteries as thick as the sudden fog which often wreath its summit. Before Rutland was settled, the Iroquois roamed the surrounding lands and avoided the mountain as a 'place of uneasy spirits'. During the Revolutionary War, a soldier deserted and died while hiding out up there. Around 1890, two farming families on the mountain disappeared overnight from their homes.

20th Century

Around 1937, a red glow was first seen on the mountain and lasted for several nights: it was officially reported as a 'forest fire'. Same thing happened for a handful of nights in 1959.

Modern Age

During the Halloween Parade, while a red glow was seen again coming from the mountain top, worshipers of Dormammu summoned their master. Dormammu demanded that a sacrifice must be made on Halloween in order to facilitate his entry into the Earthly domain, and Dr. Strange was to be used as the sacrifice. Traveling to Rutland, the Defenders battled Dormammu's legions. During the battle, Strange confronted Dormammu in the Dark Dimension and fended him off, sealing the portal. An mystic explosion buried the followers of Dormammu, and the Defenders managed to escape unscathed.[1]


In reality Bald Mountain is located in the county south of Rutland, and not easily visible from the city.

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