Balder Blake is the son of Thor and the Enchantress. On his eighteenth birthday, Blake made his third annual attempt to lift his father's hammer, Mjolnir, from its memorial, which was placed to mark the end of the Secret Wars. Even though he was still unworthy, his friends Crusader (Sarah Rogers), Mustang (CJ), Matthew (Firefly) and Torrent (Kendall Logan) were still supportive of his efforts.[1]

While he and his friends helped to thwart his half-brother, Malefactor (Vincent von Doom) from his attempt to return to and conquer the original Earth, they found out that Crusader was worthy to wield Mjolnir. She was reluctant to, in deference to Blake's feelings about not being worthy himself, but she had to in order attempt the trip back to the original Earth, which was now possible due to the return of the self-exiled Hulk, and his new invention, which was based on the used of Mjolnir's dimensional portal opening abilities. The kids did not get back to the original Earth on that trip; instead they found an Earth that was swarming with Sentinels. After they destroyed one of them, the decided to remain there and free that world as Avengers.[1]


Can perform some magic and sorcery, which he inherited from his mother, the Enchantress, though was not as skilled as her, or his half-brother Vincent. He also possesses the superhuman abilities common with every Asgardian, such as superhuman strength, durability, healing, longevity, etc.

Strength level

He seems to have some level of super-human strength, like his father, but it is unknown to what degree. As his parents were both Asgardian, it is likely that he inherited other traits common to Asgardians, including a certain degree of imperviousness to injury, and being extremely long-lived.


Carried in flight, by his friend Crusader (Sarah Rogers).

  • Bravado was unable to lift his father's hammer Mjolnir, even on his eighteenth birthday. Although his friend Crusader (Sarah Rogers), was and has been given ownership by Thor, because she proved worthy.

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