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The past history of Balder of Earth-788 mirrors that of his Earth-616 counterpart. However, in this reality, it would be Jane Foster who would discover Mjolnir in Norway and become the hero known as Thordis.

He and the Warriors Three would be present when Loki would be dumped back in Asgard following a failed battle with Thordis and openly mock him. When Loki would seek an audience with Odin to tell him Thor had returned on Earth, Balder would escort him and warn him not to cause trouble. Balder would be present when Odin would call Thor to Asgard, and would be shocked to see Thordis come in his place.

When Mangog would threaten Asgard, Balder would be one of the warriors to stand in his way. His fate during this battle remains unrevealed.[1]

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