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Baldur Gallows was raised a Thorite and became a member of the Public Eye Police Force and of the Church of Thor, as his older brother Jake was. His father was a cop too, in an unknown service, and died on unknown circumstances.

Having his studies paid by Jake's sold, Baldur intended to go into the top of the Public Eye instead of keeping on field work. He was also married to Astra, and they were going to qualify for a child test.[1]

Going to the park with his wife, his mother and his brother, he was attacked by Kron Stone and his Skin Posse gang, who killed the entire family with the exception of Jake, leading him to became the vigilante known as the Punisher.


As a thorite, his name come from the Norse God Balder/Baldur.

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  1. A child test is an authorization to procreate. Such individuals as Blue Max, are decreds, without legal existence, because of a birth out-law
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