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Balin is a Galadorian, the first born son of Rom and Brandy Clark of Earth and wields the armor of Terminator. He was the presumed heir of the mantle of Prime Director of Galador after the disappearance and apparent death of his father. However, when he presented himself to his father's sentient weapon Axadar, he was rejected because of his innate anger.[1]

Afterward, Balin would lead the Spaceknights to the planet Trion to quell the rebellion there. The mission was initially very successful but ended in disaster with the death of Lightningbolt at the hands of the new enemy Wraithknights. Balin's anger would soon cause an incident with the Galadorian Vanguard and he disobeyed orders to stand down confronting the enemy and their leader the Supreme Wraithknight.

The squad would be saved when Axadar miraculously appeared and bonded to Balin's brother Tristan who then used Galador's greatest weapon to slay a monstrous Deathwing.[2]

Balin was among the Spaceknights that assisted Nova, Phyla -Vell (Quasar) and Blastaar against the Annihilation Wave.[3]

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Galadorian Plandanium Armor (Third Generation)


Galadorian stardrive rocket pods

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