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Balthakk was a being of pure energy,[1] and one of the principalities,[2] entities invoked for power.[3] Balthakk himself was invoked for its destructive energy bolts.[4][3]

Very little is known of Balthakk's origin, though, like virtually all of the Principalities, Balthakk was presumably of extradimensional origin.[2]

He ruled over the dimension of Balthakk, located at the edges of the plane of Watoomb, within the Archipelago of Anguish and Redemption.[1]

Balthakk was one of the eight mystical principalities who entered into the Octessence pact, claiming to be the most powerful among them yet wishing to avoid an open conflict. In their stead, they would empower each one an Exemplar (avatar) to fight for them. The Exemplar's candidate was to discover the Blinding Brazier of Balthakk in a temple in Nunavut territory near Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada.[4]

Modern Age

War of the Seven Spheres

Like all the members of Octessence, Balthakk participated in the conflict known as the War of the Seven Spheres which lasted five-thousand years (waged within months by human reckoning).[4]

Wager of the Octessence

His Brazier of Balthakk was used to empower Samantha McGee as his Exemplar, Inferno.[5][6]





Brazier of Balthakk

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