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Balu the Tiger was the faithful companion of the jungle adventurer known as Trojak and would often accompany him on his adventures. When Trojak was sent out into the jungle to discover his own people by his tribe, Balu accompanied him, aiding Trojak in getting Edith Alton and her companions out of the jungle alive[1].

Later, Balu aided Trojak in killing a prehistoric monster that was attacking their village, and later in rescuing Edith from an armed Nazi camp[2]. Balu later rescued Trojak, Edith, and her brother Jerry (an Allied spy) from the Nazis by setting off explosives planted earlier by Jerry[3]. Later, when Jerry took ill, Balu followed Trojak and Edith on their quest to obtain the nectar of the Devil-Plant to cure him. During this quest, Balu helped Trojak and Edith fend off attacks from the Gemba Tribe who worshiped the plant. During their escape, Balu sabotaged the Gembian boats, leaving them unable to pursue them further[4]

Balu's subsequent activities remain unrevealed.

Powers and Abilities


Balu had abilities typical to a tiger. He could also understand simply hand gestures and verbal commands from Trojak, communicating as if the human were literally conversing with him.


Tigers have never lived in Africa.

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