Balzaroth is a martial monster inhabiting the higher astral planes, one among the several hostile beings dwelling there. A horse-riding, hostile hellion, he was the horrible hireling of the hag Morgan le Fay in 1978. By that time, le Fay had ensnared a college student, Clea Lake, trapping her in the higher astral planes. Lake's would-be lover and le Fay's enemy Stephen Strange travelled there in an attempt to rescue Lake - Strange was not a wizard, but Sorcerer Supreme Thomas Lindmer had given him some clues on how to perform this feat. Le Fay ordered Balzaroth to intercept Strange, capture him alive and take him to her — Le Fay himself has been ordered to kill Strange by the higher demon Nameless One, but she challenged her orders because she felt attraction toward Strange.

Balzaroth rode his faithful steed to the encounter. He arrived when Strange had just found Lake, and attacked him. Balzaroth's assault separated Strange from Lake, so that Strange would be unable to rescue the damsel-in-distress. Laughing, Balzaroth explained that he had already won, and that Strange should surrender to him. However, Strange knew a plea to Raggadorr, scourge of demons, that Lindmer had taught him in case any of Balzaroth's ilk attacked him. Strange used this spell, and Balzaroth was forced to retreat.

Empty-handed, Balzaroth returned to le Fay. The witch prepared to punish him, but she was interrupted by the sudden appearance of the Nameless One, who demanded to question and chasten le Fay. Balzaroth discreetly left.[1]


  • Within the higher astral plane, Balzaroth is a powerful warrior, able to defeat other people.


  • Balzaroth is vulnerable to the power of Raggadorr, scourge of demons, and thus he can be defeated with the Raggadorr plea.
  • Apparently, Balzaroth is unable to leave the astral plane.


  • A black armor.


  • A black horse.


  • A black weapon that could be a sword.

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