"Bambi" was a deer that was saved from hunters by the Hulk, who named the deer after the popular animal character from the Disney story of the same name[1]. The deer was kept at Dr. Strange's Sanctum Sanctorum and became the Hulk's pet. It later had its brain switched with that of Chondu the Mystic who, angered by having his brain transplanted into the body of a deer, tried to thwart the Defenders the best he could. It was kidnapped by the Ludberdites[2] and attacked Jack Norriss (inhabiting Nighthawk's body) when he arrived in their prison[3].

Chondu's mind was transferred into a new composite body by Arthur Nagan, much to his chagrin[4]. The fate of Bambi is unknown, as the deer was not recovered by the Defenders, and the Hulk had lost interest in the creature.

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