Ban-Luck was the contact agent of G.R.A.M.P.A. for Avenger members U.S. Agent and Quicksilver during a mission-op in China. The problem was with a group of Alpha Primitives led by the mysterious Inhuman The Unspoken who came out of exile for conquest.[1]

As Ban-Luck and U.S. Agent tried to understand who this person was, they were confronted by the People's Defense Force who started to attack them and The Unspoken for their trespass into their country. During the ongoing battle, Ban-Luck and Agent were rescued by four different Avenger teams, Iron Patriot's team, the Young Avengers, Ronin's group and Hank Pyms.[2]

With so many heroes fighting him, and the return of Quicksilver to the battle persuaded him that this was not worth his time, so he decided to go back to where he came from. As everyone left Ban-Luck filed her report to her superiors on the success of the mission.[3]

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