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Banari came from an aquatic planet. They engineered the Haab to serve them, a race of powerful semi-humanoids. A virus struck their world, decimating the male population among the Banari. Forcing the remaining males to take multiple mates, but their population continued to shrink. Fraternus Prime their leader decided that the Banari would have to find another world, one with water, that they could relocate to and thereby escape the virus.

Fraternus Prime and the Brotherhood went to Earth, with Tamara Rahn, one of his wives haven stolen onboard. They crashed on Earth, near the city of Atlantis. Meeting the Namor they explained their plight, and were directed to speak to Lord Vashti, the vizier of Atlantis. Tragedy struck when in route to Atlantis, they were attacked by the Atlantean army. Believing them to be invaders they slew all of the male Banari.[1] Only Tamara Rahn survived, who evaded the Atlanteans, and desired vengeance. She was caught and Lord Vizier wanting to make amends, rebuilt her ship. Upon completion, she used it to attack Atlantis but was defeated by Namor. Taken captive, she threw herself at the mecy of Lord Vashti, who permitted her to say as a guest.[2]

Back in their homeworld, the Banari were conquered by the Fomalhauti. Who enslaved the Banari using Skullhuggers. Which could not be removed without killing the wearer, due to the symbiotic relationship created after wearing it too long. Some of the Banari came to be in the service of Xlyym, one of the Starblasters. They battled Namor and his allies, and all of the members of the Sisterhood who had accompanied Xlyym died when the bomb was put in place by the Haab Zun.[3]

Powers and Abilities


Superhuman strength


Breathing underwater





Level of Technology

Superior to Earth (interstellar spacecraft)

Cultural Traits

Males are part of a Brotherhood, Females are part of a Sisterhood


Fraternus Prime; Tamara Rahn; Trieste;

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