Not much has been revealed regarding the early life of the mutant known only as La Bandera, except that she was born in Cuba.[2] Her father was a Cuban supporter of Fidel Castro who grew disillusioned with his rule and fled to Florida, as she did. The young woman eventually gained mutant powers and began fighting drug dealers, who she saw as responsible for the death of her father, who died a drug addict. She traced the drugs to the South American country of Tierra Verde, which at some point was ruled by the harsh dictator, President Felix Guillermo Caridad. La Bandera began a revolt with a band of citizens.[3]

President Caridad hired former Nazi scientist known as Geist to prepare a superhero team that would be loyal to his totalitarian government. The hero Wolverine followed, having been tracking Geist for his previous war crimes. Wolverine joined La Bandera's revolt, and the heroes led a successful revolt and ousted Geist and Caridad.[4]

Later, La Bandera was killed by Zeitgeist.[5]


  • Empathy: La Bandera has the mutant ability to influence the emotions of others, which she uses to enhance emotions of nationalism.
    • Energy Projection: She can also channel energy blasts through her staff, the strength of which may be dependent on how many people she is currently inspiring.


La Bandera wielded a staff, through which she can project energy.

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