The mother of Abner and Banjo was irradiated by the North Mile Island accident. Her twin children were born mutants. She fled back to the rural Pennsylvania town she grew up in to be with her family and escape persecution. In their younger days, Abner would defend Banjo from bullies using his mental powers.

At age 10, Banjo and Abner encountered Spider-Man, who was in the area searching for the missing Robbie Robertson. The twins' mother mistakenly believed Peter to be a government agent. Distrusting the government for covering up North Mile Island, she ordered her sons to kill him. When Spider-Man returned to the village after saving Banjo from falling into a mine shaft, Abner was the first to vouch for his brother's story. Spidey left peacefully.

It is unknown if he kept his mutant powers after M-Day.


Superhuman Strength: Banjo had enhanced strength. Superhuman Durability


Banjo did not seem very intelligent, and his freakish appearance made him vulnerable to prejudice.

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