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On Earth-1610, Banshee is a power-enhancing drug. The drug was originally conceived by Charles Xavier and Erik Lensherr.[1] Possibly since the 90s, Colossus has been using Banshee to give him super strength.[2]

After Logan was accused of dosing on it, he went to Peter Parker who was able to determine that Banshee drug actually came from Wolverine's DNA with just a microscope.[3]

Banshee (Mutant Growth Hormone) from Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 94 0002.jpg

This drug was used by Alpha Flight to capture Northstar and take down the X-Men. Wolverine managed to snag a sample from Vindicator.

Banshee (Mutant Growth Hormone) from Ultimate X-Men Vol 1 94 0003.jpg

When Jean Grey found out Colossus was using the drug she had him expelled. But Colossus had gathered his own team of X-Men using it, composed of Rogue, Angel, Dazzler and Nightcrawler. Colossus then bought twelve more vials for the job.[4]

After a while Piotr's team began to lose control, fighting over samples of the opiate with other super factions.[3] The extremity of which becoming so extreme that Kurt had to ask Jean for help to get things back under control. The effects of Colossus's repetitious intake of Banshee enabled him to survive temporally without his heart whence Logan cleaved it out of his chest.[1]

Logan would shut down production of the doping booster by taking out the original distributer on Muir Island. Using the combustible elements of banshee to blow away Moira McTaggert's whole supply, which was secretly being produced on behalf of the Brotherhood.[1]


A designer drug comprised of Fentanyl, Mutant Growth Hormone, Butane, Testosterone, Ethylene and Dopamine. Few of which can be found in crystal meth, making it highly flammable. Sold on the street to give temporary powers to normal people, it can enhance a Mutant's powers to "god-like" levels, bringing about secondary, even tertiary mutations.[2]

It was extracted and refined from the mutant Wolverine's blood some time before WWII in the savage land. Describes as a "liquid nightmare" by it's source, it is both addictive and lethal causing a spike in greater mental and emotional instability in its takers.[3]

It has given Cyclops superhuman strength, superhuman hearing, flight, and voluntary control of his eye beams.[3] Rogue also demonstrated complete, voluntary control of her powers.[4] Nightcrawler was able to remove a wall by teleporting as well as remotely teleport Sasquatch's arm off her body.[4] Angel had a physical metamorphosis into a humanoid eagle.[2] The drug also seemed to give humans abilities as Moira developed a sonic scream.[5]

Overuse of this stimulant can also cause a power overload making a takers abilities rebound disastrously upon themselves. Jean-Paul's Banshee overdoes left him paraplegic due to his own accelerated body vibrations causing irreparable nerve damage.[6]

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