The Banshee Squadron was a division of air force dedicated to defending the domain of Hala Field. Its leader is Captain Marvel.

Some of Banshee Squadron's members began to doubt God-Emperor Doom, specifically what lied beyond Battleworld, an area called the Void. This doubt started to affect Captain Marvel as well. One day, Jacquelin Cochran, the Baroness of Hala Field, ordered the Banshee Squadron to destroy an incoming ship, supposedly full of Ultrons. Before attacking the ship, Captain Marvel became curious and entered it to see if Ultrons really were inside. Instead, she found a man on board. She was unable to stop the attack, but she was successful in saving that the man, who became the sole survivor of his crew.[1]

Marvel brought the man to the Banshee Squadron Barracks to recoup. He later identified himself as Jim Rhodes, an inhabitant of the domain of Limbo, who escaped from it with his crew after doubting Doom. Marvel's doubts about Doom and what lied beyond Battleworld grew even more. Determined to see what was like, Marvel and her crew Carol and her crew spent the next several days customizing their aircraft to allow them to travel beyond Battleworld's sky. However, something went wrong when one member of the Banshee Squadron, Helen Cobb, went to test her aircraft on her own, and the aircraft exploded.[2]

Fortunately, Marvel was able to rescue Helen from her exploding aircraft. With their plan to explore the Void now ruined, the Banshee Squadron feared that the entire base would be onto them. So, Marvel told the Banshee Squadron that they needed to leave and ordered them to fly off in their aircraft. Before leaving with the rest of the Squadron, Marvel went to get Rhodes and arrived just in time to help them lose the aircraft that were sent to chase them. However, Baroness Cochran had contacted Doom, and Doom ordered the Thor Corps to stop the Banshee Squadron. It wasn't long before the Thor Corps pinned the Banshee Squadron down as soon as they had reached land to rest.[3]

Marvel drew the Thor Corps away so the Banshee Squadron escaped. Rhodes and Helen helped out Marvel by remaining on the ground and helping her evade the Thor Corps via radio. Marvel's friend, Kit Renner, was a member of the Thor Corps and was among the Thors attacking the Banshee Squadron. Kit decided to help her friend instead of fight her and dealt with the Thors while Marvel and the Banshee Squadron flew into the Void to see what lied beyond Battleworld.[4]



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Banshee Squadron fighters

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