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Quote1 The Bar Sinister is ruled not by an individual but a virus. A self-replicating tribe of genetic jerks. Clones can't do everything, of course. For some things the master still needs individuals. He needs artists. He needs tame wonders, controlled by teleport-tags or simple terror. He needs slaves. Quote2


Bar Sinister is one of the domains of Battleworld, its Baron is Mister Sinister. This territory is made from the remains of a world dominated by Mr. Sinister and his army of clones.

This domain was visited by the Thor Corps when they were ordered to bring Mr. Sinister to Doomstadt for trial.[1]

Mr. Sinister's cook, Fare-Devil (Matt Murdock) was one of the few normal humans inhabiting Bar Sinister. He planned to use the venom of an Atlantean beast to kill Sinister and his hive mind. Because the love of his life, Mr. Sinister's hunter Collektra (Elektra Natchios), was Sinister's taster, Matt added a small quantity of that venom to the meals he prepared to Collektra in order to let her build immunity for the day he used the venom in Sinister's dinner. When the day came, Collektra died tasting Sinister's food. Mr. Sinister subsequently revealed to Murdock that the original Collektra had died the very first time Murdock gave her poison, as the smallest quantity of that venom was lethal, but he cloned her every day in order to make Murdock believe his plan was working, and accidentally proceed to kill the love of his life every night without knowing it.[2]

Alternate Universe Versions[]

Prime Marvel Universe (Earth-616)[]

Bar Sinister from Powers of X Vol 1 4
Ten years prior to founding of the nation of Krakoa, Professor X and Magneto visited Mister Sinister on this world's Bar Sinister in the South Pacific, proposing that Essex catalog the entire mutant genome.[3] Flowers of Krakoa were later used to modify Bar Sinister into a Krakoan Habitat, a diplomatic biome interconnected with the island nation's collective consciousness.[4][5]




  • Sir Walter Scott described the heraldic 'bend sinister' (or 'barre' in French) as a 'bar sinister', a bilingual pun which has evolved into a metonymic term for bastardy.

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