The Bar With No Doors was a tavern located in Manhattan for sorcerers and magic users of the like.[1]

In 1947, Major Alan Dakor went to the Bar With No Doors to recruit Agatha Harkness, The Ghost Dancer, and the Emerald Warlock into a new U.S. Army program, known as the Department of the Uncanny, in order to confront a former Nazi Schutzstaffel witch named Hilda von Hate, who had raised an army of Enraptured Walker Zombies on the Caribbean island of Tani.[2]

The days of the Bar With No Doors came to an end shortly after Loki took the title of Sorcerer Supreme from Doctor Strange. When Loki escalated a discussion with Count Kaoz while at the bar, the bar's proprietor and bartender Chondu the Mystic threatened him to leave. Out of an impulse, Loki disappeared the bar's building, leaving nothing but its patrons and its tables on an empty lot in place of the building.[3]

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